Daria Kulesh - folk singer and songwriter
Daria Kulesh - folk singer and songwriter

Earthly Delights

Daria can't wait to bring you her new album Earthly Delights, featuring the mesmerising new single Vasilisa and plenty more. Daria hopes that the new material will enchant and delight you, celebrating life's journey in all its complexity through fairytales, fables and true life stories rooted in her fascinating multicultural heritage. The core team behind the new album brought you the multi-award-winning Long Lost Home, plus they will be joined by a plethora of special guests (to be announced). You too can be part of this adventure and help make the new album happen.

Full annual subscription (Patron Package) is now sold out, sorry!

Generous and kind donations, of any size, toward the cost of recording and releasing the album would be gratefully received. Daria is an independent artist and receives no public or private funding.

Autumn Delights EP - limited handmade edition - sold out, sorry!

The handmade limited edition Autumn EP concludes the series of seasonal Delights with gusto and exuberance, like the trees dressed in their richest colours of royal red and bright gold. Featuring Jonny Dyer, Marina Osman, Tristan Seume and Kate Rouse.

Summer Delights EP - limited handmade edition - sold out, sorry!

The third seasonal handmade limited edition EP takes you on a dreamlike journey to faraway places with moonlit waters and colourful flowers... How far would you go to follow your love? Featuring Marina Osman, Jonny Dyer, Tristan Seume and Vicki Swan.

Spring Delights EP - limited handmade edition - sold out, sorry!

The second seasonal handmade limited edition EP - songs of springtime, when the world is new and "love is lord of all". Featuring Marina Osman, Jonny Dyer and Tristan Seume.

Winter Delights EP - limited handmade edition - sold out, sorry!

The first of 4 seasonal handmade limited edition EPs to support the recording and release of the forthcoming album. Winter-themed songs including Morozko - an album track produced by Jason Emberton - along with live exclusives recorded with Jonny Dyer & Marina Osman.

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© Daria Kulesh. Long Lost Home photo shoot by Rob Bridge.