Daria Kulesh - folk singer and songwriter
Daria Kulesh - folk singer and songwriter


New album - Long Lost Home - out now!

Daria's NEW solo album Long Lost Home was launched on 23 February 2017 at Cecil Sharp House with a fantastic line-up of guest musicians.

Long Lost Home is inspired by Ingushetia (Ghalghai Mokh) – the lost home of Daria's Grandmother Fatima Akhrieva. A mountainous republic in the south of Russia, it’s a land of immense beauty and harrowing tragedy, of fascinating culture and age-old traditions.


The date of the album launch – 23 February – marks the tragic anniversary of Stalin’s outrageous injustice, the deportation of the Ingush and the Chechens in 1944. Yet Long Lost Home isn’t all about tragedy – it’s a brave celebration of the unique identity, spirit, culture, history and traditions of Ingushetia.

Daria was joined on stage by Jonny Dyer, Timur Dzeytov, Vicki Swan, Phil Underwood, Evan Carson, and Kate Rouse.

You can order a physical copy of Long Lost Home here:

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Daria's sophomore album, Long Lost Home, due on 23 February 2017, is already attracting a lot of interest. Inspired by the troubled, tragic but fascinating and enigmatic history of Ingushetia, a mountainous republic in the South of Russia, the album is set apart by its unique subject. On top of that, Daria’s personal link to the stories through complicated, severed and disrupted family ties injects the songs with raw passion and power. It will sound like nothing you've heard before.

KARA release a new album - Some Other Shore

"A must for any music collection. The tracks are varied and entertaining. Never a chance to get bored. I love it." (Liz Franklin, Radio Teesdale)

"A great album" (Mike Harding, The Mike Harding Folk Show)

"A stunning mix of English music and Russian folklore" (Dai Jeffries, Folking.com)

For more reviews, please click here

Some Other Shore is a diverse and sometimes unexpected collection of songs about escaping and departing from reality; about illusions and delusions, enchantment and seduction... From KARA’s trademark dramatic supernatural romances to more contemporary and mundane tales of drug addiction and of men with cold hearts ruling the world from their HQs in the City... There's plenty of light on the album, too, with tales of magic in the everyday and of treasured memories.
Escape with KARA to Some Other Shore! 

The album features guest appearances by folk stars James Delarre and Lukas Drinkwater and additional instrumentation by the band’s producer Jason Emberton. Mixed and mastered at the Green Room.

The Company of Players

The Company of Players are a collective featuring some of the best emerging young artists on the folk scene - Sam Kelly, Said the Maiden, Kim Lowings, Kelly Oliver, Chris Cleverley, Minnie Birch, Lukas Drinkwater and Daria Kulesh - celebrating William Shakespeare 400 years after his death.

12 great new songs have been written by the collective, and 4 of them (including one of Daria's) recorded for an EP. With your support, the artists hope to record the rest and release an album later in the year, then go on tour in April 2017.

The album version of The Moon and the Pilot is available now

“One of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in many a year” (Mike Harding)

Daria Kulesh's song The Moon and the Pilot presents us with an opportunity to remember those for whom 23 February 1944 was the end of the world as they knew it and the start of an outrageous injustice which cuts deep, even to this day. It's the story of a family and a nation banished from their homeland - Ingushetia - under the orders of Stalin. The dictator declared them enemies of the state in 1944 - when in fact they had been fighting for Russia in the war, and lost loved ones in the process. In the middle of winter, on 23 February 1944, Ingush and Chechen people were brutally deported from their homes...

Despite being written about an atrocity carried out over 70 years ago, the theme of 'The Moon and the Pilot' is achingly current. A song of our time, with lyrical romanticism sweetening the recurrent harsh reality of social displacement caused by inhumane governments and war.

The song will feature on Daria Kulesh’s second album, Long Lost Home, to be released on 23 February 2017. The new album version of the track features instrumentals from Jonny Dyer, Lukas Drinkwater and Kate Rouse.

Folkstock Records' DOWNTOWN (ft. Daria Kulesh) is Clive Davis' Album of the Week in The Sunday Times


"Suspended above skeletal piano and dulcimer, Daria Kulesh's haunting and enigmatic ballad, The Moon and the Pilot, revisits the bleakest years of Stalin's rule"

The story behind the song:
My grandmother's mother was a famous beauty in Ingushetia - a republic in the Caucasus, in the south of Russia. They said her beauty outshone the moon, and she married a man of the sky, a war hero pilot*. Then another war came. The Pilot perished in 1942 as he was trying to deliver supplies to Leningrad under siege. He was only found in 1944 and given a hero's funeral. The cruel irony was that his wife and two young children, along with the rest of the nation were, under the orders of Joseph Stalin, declared enemies of the state (an absurd claim as most of Ingushetia's men were fighting against Hitler in the Russian army). In the middle of winter, Ingushetians along with Chechens were brutally displaced and deported from their homes... This is the story of one extraordinary woman's strength and survival.

*The Pilot's name was Rashid Akhriev, the legendary first pilot to come out of North Caucasus and Hero of the Soviet Union.

You can buy Folkstock Records' DOWNTOWN, featuring The Moon & the Pilot, here.

#Hemel2Hebrides UK solo tour

Daria has just completed her first UK solo tour, #Hemel2Hebrides, which included 14 performances over 18 days at the most diverse locations and venues: from canal boats to bookshops, from Oxford to Isle of Rum.

For more information and photographs, please click here.

New music video - Fata Morgana

Recorded and produced by Ben Walker (BBC Radio 2 Folk Award winner)
Music video made by Rodeax Films

Released by Folkstock Records

The release of the new music video for Fata Morgana – the opening track on Eternal Child – bridges over to Daria’s new and ambitious sophomore album project which will be focused on telling the stories of her ancestors and exploring their cultural and musical heritage.


Telling a dreamlike ghost story, incorporating old family photographs and symbolic imagery (such as the scattering of ashes over one’s head, a sign of mourning), the music video for Fata Morgana highlights Daria’s “mystery and exoticism” that “make her unique” (R2 Magazine).

Presenting The F Spot Femmes Fatales

Album of the Week (World) in The London Evening Standard
Album of the Week on Blues and Roots Radio

Daria is delighted to feature on Folkstock Records' new compilation, The F Spot Femmes Fatales, alongside Peggy Seeger, Maz O'Connor, Kelly Oliver, Roxanne de Bastion, Minnie Birch, Kaity Rae, Marina Florance, Zoe Wren, Fae Brotherhood. Out on 8 March, International Women's Day, but you can pre-order now and also purchase at gigs:

Eternal Child is out now!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who made Daria's album launch concert at The Old Town Hall in Hemel Hempstead such a success, especially the fantastic guest musicians: Kaity Rae, Kelly Oliver, KARA, Jonny Dyer and Lauren Deakin-Davies, as well as VJ Kara Rose.
This is a video shot and edited by Helen Meissner of Folkstock Arts Foundation.

Order Eternal Child (the album) via Folkstock Records

The album is on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. from 31 January 2015. You can order a physical copy or a digital download, as well as unique merchandise, from Folkstock Records' Bandcamp via the link below:

Daria's new music video is... Right Here!

Album launch date is now confirmed - 31 January 2015 at The Old Town Hall!

Joining Daria at the launch of her debut solo album Eternal Child will be award-winning multi-instrumentalist Jonny Dyer, KARA, video artist Kara Rose, singer-songwriter and harmonicist Kelly Oliver, singer-songwriter and cellist Kaity Rae, and other friends and special guests. It will be an exciting, theatrical mix of music, performance and art - a total one-off at The Old Town Hall in Hemel Hempstead.

KARA's debut album, Waters So Deep, is out now

Have a listen to this teaser:

KARA also have a new website, www.karafolkband.com

Daria performs her charity single Butterflies in a support slot to Dave Swarbrick

Butterflies is a new original song from Daria Kulesh's upcoming debut solo album, Eternal Child. It was triggered by the tragic story of the 'Butterfly Brothers', Harry and Cody Churchill, who had Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare condition that makes skin as fragile as a butterfly's wing. The song transcends into a tale of human vulnerability and calls for understanding and compassion.
Daria is delighted to release the song as a charity single for DEBRA, the national charity that supports individuals and families living with EB. The single can be downloaded from
iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.
The track was produced by Lauren Deakin-Davies of Folkstock Records and is backed by Folkstock Arts Foundation. On May 24, Daria played the song live at Harpenden Public Halls in a support slot to the legendary fiddler Dave Swarbrick (video by Mike Watts).

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