Daria Kulesh - folk singer and songwriter
Daria Kulesh - folk singer and songwriter

Subscription Plans

Daria is ecstatic to be making new music again and hopes you can join her on this journey:

7 months for the seven colours of the rainbow!
A pot of gold at the end - and quite a few smaller sparkly bonuses along the way.
Let's share our creative colours and make the world brighter together!

A 7-month subscription will get you:
- at least 7 solo/duo Zoom gigs, professionally sound engineered;
- a new EP recorded with none other than Phil Beer (Show of Hands) as a download and a handmade physical CD (limited to 50 copies, first come first serve);
- exclusive recorded video and audio content – including new song reveals;
- a Daria Doodle just for you.

All of this for a suggested donation of £50* or just over £7 per month, all inclusive.

* If you’d like to help but can’t afford as much as £50, please get in touch and we’ll figure something out.

You can also choose to tune into individual Zoom gigs for £10/12 per gig and the new EP will be eventually available to all as a Bandcamp download, but subscribers will get it first. Physical handmade copies of the EP are currently reserved to subscribers - but any leftover copies may be released in the future if still available.

Thank you ever so much for your support!

Facebook: DariaKuleshMusic

Twitter: @DariaKulesh

SoundCloud: daria-kulesh

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© Daria Kulesh. Long Lost Home photo shoot by Rob Bridge.