Daria Kulesh - folk singer and songwriter
Daria Kulesh - folk singer and songwriter

The Company of Players

Inspired by the likes of The Elizabethan Sessions and The Full English, The Company of Players is a contemporary folk supergroup set up by Jess Distill of Said The Maiden. The purpose - to write, record and perform songs inspired by the works of William Shakespeare, as 2016 marks the 400th anniversary of his death.

The collective features the talents of emerging folk artists Said The Maiden, Lukas Drinkwater, Kelly Oliver, Sam Kelly, Chris Cleverley, Kim Lowings, Minnie Birch, and Daria Kulesh. Having already been championed by the likes of Mike Harding, The Company of Players offers a very exciting, dynamic and theatrical live show.

The collective's debut album Shakespeare Songs is available now. Please click here to buy.

Photography: Elly Lucas

Video: John Bailey

Facebook: DariaKuleshMusic

Twitter: @DariaKulesh

SoundCloud: daria-kulesh

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© Daria Kulesh. Long Lost Home photo shoot by Rob Bridge.