Daria Kulesh - folk singer and songwriter
Daria Kulesh - folk singer and songwriter


Long Lost Home (new album) awards, accolades and reviews:

Laurel Canyon Music's EP of the Year 2016 (Pledge Music exclusive preview of Long Lost Home)
FolkWords' Album of the Month (January 2017)

Ministry of Culture Award (Ingush Republic, Russia), March 2017
Best of 2017 So Far, Acoustic and Eclectic show, Future Radio,  April 2017

Album of the Week on: Paul Mansell's Magic Bus, Marlow FM 17/12/16; Chris Giles' Folk is NOT a rude word (and neither is country), Hailsham FM 9/1/17; Gary Hazlehurst's Folk Show, Nova FM 15/1/17; Roger Pettit's Roots and Shoots, Felixstowe Radio 16/1/17; The David Butler Show, Nova FM 24/1/17; Peter Aston's Forest Folk, Forest FM 13/2/17; Neil King's Along the Tracks, Blues and Roots Radio, 17/02; Liz Franklin's Eden Folk, Eden FM 1/3/17; Roger Williams' A World of Difference, NG Digital, 5/3/17

The Moon and the Pilot single - 3rd Best Song of 2016 on Trev Lloyd's Songwriters' Circle, 10Radio

"Superb... When I first listened to the record after every song I thought, “go on, top that” and, remarkably, Daria does just that." Full review (Dai Jeffries, Folking.com)

"An aural masterpiece of intensity... It is an indisputable privilege to fall into its embrace." Full review (Tim Carroll, FolkWords)


"A seamless work of some really beautiful music. I have learned such a lot from this album, about Ingush mythology, about Russian history and about myself. Such is the powerful effect on me." Full review (Liz Franklin's Folk Garden, Blues and Roots Radio and Eden FM Radio)

"A set of songs that are necessary, that are vibrant and colourful... (they) ricochet with truth and depth. An opulent sounding album" Full review (Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision)

"Every one of these beautiful songs has been lovingly teased from Daria’s very soul – and even from the very spirit of her forebears. Every one has a heart-felt story to tell; or a wrong to right. And they are delivered with a passion that only Daria can summon up.... All the songs in this collection are exceptional." Full review (Phil the Music Quill Blog)

"Literate original songs powerfully sung. Bold, exotic... Impressive" Full review (fRoots Magazine)

"All the songs are beautiful. The whole album is a triumph" (Chris Arscott, Folk & Acoustic Show, Triangle Radio)

"From beginning to end, Long Lost Home is a listening delight" Full review (Nigel Parry, Bright Young Folk)

"A remarkable album delivered with maximum effect" Full review (Mike Davies, Fatea Magazine)

"Fascinating and enjoyable in equal measure... A CD for everyone" Full review (Damian Liptrot, Northern Sky magazine)


"The whole album is amazing" (Joe Tracey, Joe Tee Shuffle)

"Kulesh’s voice soars as always in the beguiling way that it does and the result we get is an album which is simply speaking an artefact." Full review (Peter Taranaski, Folk Phenomena)


"Truly a remarkable album; so unlike anything I have ever heard before and well deserving of all the praise I have seen it receive... a multitude of different musical styles are fused with ease and grace, delighting listeners with every new song" 10/10 Full review (Simon Chisholm, Noizze)

"Kulesh's incredible tones paint a picture no brush stroke could ever achieve... she is able to recreate, at least in music and song, a world which has been lost" Full review (Danny Farragher, Folk All)

"Wonderful, wonderful stories. An album that continues to grow on me and will be a huge hit in 2017. I’ve already pencilled it in for my Album of the Year show at the start of next year, that’s how confident I am that’s where it will be." Listen (Gary Hazlehurst's Folk Show, Nova FM)

"A soaring hymn... That voice is a tremendous instrument, and the powerful, idiosyncratic and personal songs are quite unlike almost anything else you may have heard... Nothing here is less than enchanting" (Julian Cole, EFDSS' EDS Magazine)


"A huge step forward. She’s always been very, very good, but this album really goes on further."
(Steve Clarke, Strange Brew, Cuillin FM)

"Haunting, poignant, and full of humanity... It is totally compelling" (Ian Croft, R2 Magazine)


"Wonderful album... A fascinating journey... Daria has upped the stakes by bringing her music even closer to home" (Mike Ainscoe, Sonic Bandwagon, Pure 107.8FM)

"Fascinating and moving… very special. A mix of Peggy Seeger and Joan Baez; and like these two great songwriters, she has a tale worth telling"
(Alex Huskisson, The Mystery Train Radio Show, Severn FM)

"Beautifully produced... I suggest that you all rush out and buy the CD"
(Clive Batkin, Unicorn Magazine)

"I can't recommend this album more highly!" (Doug Welch, BBC Radio Kent Folk)

"Daria's voice is wonderful (as always) throughout the album and she has enlisted a whole host of top musicians... A good folk album should make you think and reflect. This album does both wonderfully" (Graham Hobbs, Shire Folk magazine)

"Exquisite, rich & haunting" (Sue Hampton, author)


"Wonderful album, full of fantastic tracks. Doesn’t that give you the impression that 2017 will be as good a year for music as 2016! I can’t wait for you lot to hear the whole of that album"
(Neil King, Along the Tracks, Blues and Roots Radio)

"I love Daria’s songs because they tell such brilliant stories. Fascinating!"
(Genevieve Tudor, Sunday Folk, BBC Radio Shropshire)

"A wonderful array of true tales... It's like being taken on a musical magical mystery tour of her ancestry." (Stacy Hart, Runnin on Empty Blog)

"Wonderful voice, exquisite songwriting… Daria is going from strength to strength"
(Liz Franklin, Folk Garden, Blues and Roots Radio)

"Something special... jaw-droppingly stupendous" (Roger Pettit, Roots & Shoots, Felixstowe Radio)

"What a great story, and how beautifully told!"
(Frank Hennessy, Celtic Heartbeat, BBC Radio Wales)

"Absolutely fantastic songs" (Chris T-T's Midnight Campfire, Juice 107.2 Brighton)

"Excellent album" (Phil Beer, Show of Hands)


"Truly remarkable… She’s going to make a big impact during 2017"
(Roger Williams, A World of Difference)

"I love the new album, great stories! You really have to get hold of it"
(Mike Harding, the Mike Harding Folk Show)

Long Lost Home album launch live reviews:

"Daria Kulesh can be proud of what she’s achieved here, both through her very unique contribution to the UK folk scene and through this perfectly fitting and timely celebration of Ingush culture and history" Full review (Darren Johnson, Darren's Music Blog)

"A fine example of Daria's incredible vocal ability. There’s so much power, range and control in her singing she entrances a room in the way very few other singers can" Full review (Tony Birch, Folking.com)

"I don't think that I've heard a singer sing with such an emotionally charged voice as Daria's for a long while... An exceptional night of music" Full review (Neil King, Fatea Magazine)

Eternal Child (debut album) awards, nominations, accolades and reviews:

Runner Up, FolkWords' Best Album from a Female Artist (2015)
Nominee, FolkWords' Album of the Year (2015)
'Best of 2015' playlists on Brian Player's Acoustic CafeStrange Brew (Cuillin FM), Acoustic Routes (Dapper FM), Roots & Shoots with Roger Pettit on Felixstowe Radio
Most Requested Album of 2015, The DRSB Show
FolkWords' Album of the Month (January 2015)
Artist of the Week on Sunday Girl (Siren 107.3FM) 22/02

Album of the Week on Blues and Roots Radio 24/01, Fatea Magazine's Along the Tracks 23/01, Marlow FM 10/01, Brian Player's Acoustic Cafe, 28/08

"A phenomenal debut album" Full review
(Pete Bradley, Fatea Magazine)

"If there’s an album to buy this New Year, this is it." Full review

(Tim Carroll, FolkWords)

"Casts a spell... an album that rewards repeated listening." Full review

(Dai Jeffries, Folking.com)

"A resounding success. Daria's vocal is distinctly wonderful throughout." Full review

(Rob Bridge, Redwood Music Photography blog)


"The voice of fairy tales, being able to create the enthralment of the faerie realm and equally bring terror as the evil queen whose very words could chill your blood and capture your soul." Full review
(Danny Farragher, Folk All)

"A fresh, new voice that is not from around here... One thing that Eternal Child speaks very loudly of is sincerity, something that in recent times has become rarer than unicorns." Full review
(Michael S. Clark, Instrumental)

"There isn't a weak track on here at all... this album is pure efflorescence" Full review
(Peter Taranaski, She Dances in the Mind Blog)

"Fine, passionate voice"; "certainly recommend" 
(Graham Hobbs, Shire Folk Magazine)


"Her voice, a joy to hear... Unique and remarkable" 
Full review (Phil the Music Quill Blog)

"An album that will be near at hand for quite
a while", 4 **** stars
(Dai Jeffries, R2 Magazine)

Folkstock Records' DOWNTOWN (ft. Daria Kulesh) in The Sunday Times:
(Clive Davis' Album of the Week)

The story behind the song:
My grandmother's mother was a famous beauty in Ingushetia - a republic in the Caucasus, in the south of Russia. They said her beauty outshone the moon, and she married a man of the sky, a war hero pilot*. Then another war came. The Pilot perished in 1942 as he was trying to deliver supplies to Leningrad under siege. He was only found in 1944 and given a hero's funeral. The cruel irony was that his wife and two young children, along with the rest of the nation were, under the orders of Joseph Stalin, declared enemies of the state (an absurd claim as most of Ingushetia's men were fighting against Hitler in the Russian army). In the middle of winter, Ingushetians along with Chechens were brutally displaced and deported from their homes... This is the story of one extraordinary woman's strength and survival.

*The Pilot's name was Rashid Akhriev, the legendary first pilot to come out of North Caucasus.

You can buy Folkstock Records' DOWNTOWN, featuring The Moon & the Pilot, here.

Folkstock Records' The Christmas Present (ft. Daria Kulesh) in The Sunday Times:
(in Christmas Albums of the Week)

Folkstock Records' The F Spot Femmes Fatales (ft. Daria Kulesh) in The London Evening Standard (World Music Album of the Week):

Folkstock Records' The F Spot Femmes Fatales (ft. Daria Kulesh) in The Telegraph (Folk Music Albums of the Year):

Live performance reviews:

"Boy what a treat" Full review (Stacy Hart, Runnin on Empty, for Watford Observer)

"Right from the start, her beautiful voice and faultless rendition had everyone spell-bound" Full review (Phil the Music Quill blog)

"A concert in which Daria Kulesh appears is no ordinary gig... The audience were totally enthralled, you may even say bewitched by the songs and stories" Full review (Tony Collins, Hot Music Live)

"So vibrant and makes one feel glad to be alive. You always feel as though someone has cranked the colour saturation dial on an analogue TV vision such is the presence of her likeable personality" Full review (Alban Low, Art of Jazz)

“We were looking forward to having you, but your performance was so above and beyond what we expected… Engaging and enchanting, it was bursting with character, talent and beauty” (Bee Precious, Street Food Supper Club)

"Daria Kulesh entertained us with wonderful, charming stories and songs, one of the best voices around" (Robin Mansfield, Cambridge Folk Club)

"An entrancing performance, such interesting songs and accompaniment, and charming delivery!" (Mary Blake, Bowes Park Folk Club)

"Very impressive performance - loved it, as did the audience" (Gary James, Loughton Folk Club)

"Kulesh glided through her set and transported the audience to a mystical zone of mesmerising lyrics and far-away lands" Full review (Katy Davis, BSN Magazine)

"Thank you for giving us such an amazing afternoon - such a beautiful and professional performance" (Liz Montgomery, FaB Club)

"The wonderful Daria Kulesh during her amazing set at The Carpenter's Arms at Miserden, Gloucestershire... A truly extraordinary voice, powerful and pitch-perfect, combined with her considerable raconteur skills mesmerised a fully appreciative audience for nearly two hours" Full review (Page 21) (Geoffrey Head, The Flux Presents and also Slap Mag)

For reviews of KARA, please click here

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